Life Groups


If you haven’t experienced the joy and growth in a small group setting, now is your opportunity!





Book Discussion Group "God & Money"

Group Type: Book Club/Discussion

Group Leader(s): Manley & Mara Klassen

When: Sundays at 6:30pm

Location: North Oxnard

Description: The question isn’t “How much should I give?” but rather “How much should I keep?”  This book inspired Pastor Lance’s sermon on “tithing & giving” in February.

Marriage & the Gospel

Group Type: Book Discussion/teaching/small group 

Group Leader(s): Jeff Atchison 

When: Sundays at 11:15am

Location: Calvary Chapel of Oxnard’s the Shack – 2370 Eastman Ave. Suite 104 Oxnard, CA

Description: Just as marriage illustrates the Gospel, the Gospel is the truth which instructs marriage; it teaches us how to flourish in marriage. Join as we go through the chapters of the book (book readings not required) and discuss its principles. 

Pure Desire Men's Accountability Group

Group Type: Men’s Group

Group Leader(s): John Davis

When: Every Thursday at 6pm starting March 22nd

Location: Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, Room #211 

Description: This ministry uses biblical principles, accountability, and a safe environment to provide healing and restoration for men to share about personal issues with no condemnation. Video series with workbook used to facilitate discussion.

Sunday Sermon Discussion

Group Type: Sunday Sermon Discussion

Group Leader(s): Cris Lebrilla and Rupert Caipang

When: Alternating Thursdays @ 7pm

Location: Village Park residential area (Camarillo)

Description: Go deeper in your learning of the previous Sunday’s teaching as we share what we gleaned and are encouraged to study Scripture on our own.

"The Heavens Declare" Astronomy Interest Group

Group Type: Hobby/Interest 

Group Leader(s): Jeff Atchison 

When: Once per month (TBD based on interest)

Location: Meeting locations vary

Description: Based on Romans 1:20, exploring God’s General Revelation of Himself in nature, specifically the observable night sky. People should bring telescopes or binoculars, but it is not required.

New Believer's Foundations Class

Group Type: Teaching & Discussion

Group Leader(s): Jerry Ochoa

When: Every Sunday at 11:15am

Location: Calvary Chapel of Oxnard’s the Shack – 2370 Eastman Ave. Suite 104 Oxnard

Description: Whether you’ve been following Jesus for a few months or several years, this is for anyone who has never had an opportunity to formally learn the foundational tenets  of the Christian faith.

Women's Book Discussion on "Boundaries"

Group Type: Ladies’ Book Club/Discussion

Group Leader(s): Olga Ochoa

When: Monday mornings

Location: Oxnard

Description: Do you have trouble saying no? Can you set limits and still be a loving person? Are you in control of your life? Do people take advantage of you? Learn & discuss in a Christ-centered group of women.

Men's Golf Fellowship

Group Type: Men’s Hobby/Interest

Group Leader(s): Sam Gardner

When: Thursdays at 6pm

Location: Sterling Hills Golf Course

Description: Enjoy a shared hobby with a few brothers in Christ!

Moms Praying for Prodigals

Group Type: Prayer/Support Group

Group Leader(s): Debbie Wiedler

When: 2nd & 4th Monday at 6:30pm

Location: Oxnard

Description: Is your heart heavy for a son or daughter who has walked away from the Lord, has never placed their trust in Christ, or is battling addiction? Find a safe place for support and prayer together. 

Support for Military Active Duty, Spouses, Retirees, and Veterans

Group Type: Singles and couples welcome

Group Leader(s): John & Suzanne Still 

When: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 6pm

Location: Camarillo 

Description: Dinner together, fellowship, and prayer. Focusing on the challenges of military life for those on active duty and retired. There will be time at the end of our meetings to discuss firearms & archery for hobbyists. Get-togethers at local shooting/archery ranges will be planned.

Asian-American Cultural Appreciation

Group Type: Fellowship 

Group Leader(s): Lew & Janica Soratorio 

When: 4th Fridays of the month

Location: Camarillo 

Description: All who appreciate the diversity within the Asian-American community are welcome!  A celebration of uniqueness within the body of Christ. A time to enjoy each other’s dishes, holidays, and traditions.

Chronic Pain/Illness Women's Support Group

Group Type: Women’s Prayer & Support Group 

Group Leader(s): Roni Hicks

When: One Thursday per month

Location: Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, Room #205

Description: A Christ-centered support group for women who suffer with chronic pain and/or chronic illness. A place to share, relate, & find encouragement.


"One More Chapter" Women's Book Club on the Classics

Group Type: Women’s Book Club/Discussion

Group Leader(s): Miriam Walker

When: 3rd Saturday of each month

Location: Oxnard

Description: Women’s Classic Literature Book Club 3rd Saturday of each month from 3pm-5pm For ladies who enjoy reading, especially the classics that form the backdrop for life today. We will discuss the worldview of the characters and how that informs their choices along with traditional literary discussion questions.

Bible Study - Chapter by Chapter

Group Type: In-depth Bible Study 

Group Leader(s): Donnie & Barbie Rea and Rolly & Elaine Berg

When: Mondays at 7pm

Location: Ventura

Description: Study scripture in-depth and grow together through discussion and prayer each week.

Bible Study - Chapter by Chapter

Group Type: In-depth Bible Study 

Group Leader(s): Steve & Sarah Donatelli

When: Mondays at 7pm

Location: Ventura

Description: Study scripture in-depth and grow together through discussion and prayer each week.


Young Men's Book Discussion on "The Truest Thing About You"

Group Type: Young Men Ages 18-29

Group Leader(s): Jordan Young

When: Saturdays at 9am

Location: Ventura

Description: Guys ages 18-29 are invited to read and discuss through this book on finding your true identity in Christ alone.


Men's Basketball Fellowship

Group Type: Men’s Hobby/Interest Group 

Group Leader(s): Tuan Dinh

When: One Saturday morning a month TBD by interest.

Location: TBA

Description: Shoot hoops, play a few pick-up games, get encouragement & prayer.



"Women Walking with Jesus" Walking Group

Group Type: Women’s Hobby/Interest Group 

Group Leader(s): Ellie Stevens

When: One weekday morning per week from 9:30am-11am

Location: Ventura Community Park and Aquatic Center at 901 S Kimball Rd, Ventura

Description: Women of ALL ages (babies in strollers welcome). Pray God’s Word as we walk together



Support for Single Moms/Wives with "unbelieving" Husbands

Group Type: Women’s Prayer/Support Group

Group Leader(s): Christine Friedl

When: 2nd & 4th Mondays 9am-11am

Location: Oxnard

Description: Due to a variety of circumstances (single mom/divorce/lukewarm Christianity by spouse) – many women find themselves the spiritual head in their home. This is a safe haven for women to pray for each other and receive encouragement.

Military Wives' Support Group

Group Type: Women’s Support/Prayer/Fellowship 

Group Leader(s): Ashley Pavan

When: Meeting time TBD based on interest

Location: Oxnard

Description: Connect with other wives to receive encouragement and pray for each other.

Young Married Couples

Group Type: Married Couples Fellowship 

Group Leader(s): Greg & Kaelee Reynolds  AND Kyle & Mckenzie Garza

When: Alternating Saturdays from 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Location: Oxnard

Description: Dinner together, fellowship, and conversation about various marriage topics. *Childcare available with prior notice.

Young Married Couples

Group Type: Married Couples Fellowship 

Group Leader(s): Jeff & Geneva Atchison and Tuan & Clarivel Dinh

When: Every First Sunday of the Month

Location: Oxnard

Description: Potluck and short teaching to re-tune our marriage heart strings, followed by wives’ & husbands’ small groups for encouragement and prayer.

(*Childcare available with RSVP.)

Photography How-To Club

Group Type: All are welcome

Group Leader(s): Mike Thompson

When: Once a month. TBD based on interest.

Location: TBD by instructor

Description: For all levels of photography skill – learn the basics with the camera you have (iPhones and DSLRs included!). Practice capturing sunsets, landscapes, church events, etc.

Camarillo Bible Study at Starbucks

Group Type: All are welcome!

Group Leader(s): Bill & Vail Trester

When: Wednesdays 12pm

Location: Outside patio of Starbucks off Las Posas Rd by Ralph’s

Description: All welcome to study the Bible individually and then come together for a time of sharing, prayer, and fellowship.

Home Group Bible Study

Group Type: All are welcome!

Group Leader(s): Bill & Vail Trester

When: Fridays at 7pm

Location: Camarillo

Description: Married couples and singles all welcome to join as we study the book of Acts together each week.

Foster & Adoptive Dads' Support Group

Group Type: All are welcome!

Group Leader(s): Bill & Vail Trester

When: Meets 1st Wednesday night of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the “God Squad” room.

Location: Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, Room #202

Description: This group exists to provide friendship and support to Foster and Adoptive Dads who are on the journey of raising kids. The focus isn’t on teaching, but rather sharing life together as we raise our kids. Most foster agencies will give training hour credit for attending the group.