Becoming More Like Jesus, by Learning and Living God’s Word.


The Vision of CCO is to be a committed fellowship of believers who know how to read the Bible and put it into practice.  We will see ourselves conformed to the image of Jesus, bearing His character and living consistently in His Truth and Grace.  We will be well acquainted with the Holy Spirit and will see a mature expression of His work in and through us.



Our Mission is to help people experience an intimate relationship with God.  We invest ourselves in the study of the bible and encourage each other to put into practice what we learn.  We provide a place where people can grow in their worship of God, are faithful in serving one another through the Holy Spirit and become more effective as a witness to the world.


“Calvary Chapel is not a denomination, but a fellowship of churches. Each Calvary Chapel is governed by its own leadership, and financed by the contributions of its members. Our connection with each other is for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and accountability.”
“The most distinguishing mark of Calvary Chapel is a servant-pastor who faithfully teaches through the Bible verse by verse, covering the whole counsel of God.”  

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