John 17 Chapter Study

II.   THE END Chs. 12-21

E.  The Last Supper Chs. 13-17

17. The Lord’s Prayer 17:1-26

a.   For Himself 17:1-5

Supper over. – Instructions complete. – Soon to Geth.

B4 leaving room, prays. – “High Priestly prayer” – Heb. 4:14

Priest’s duty to present people to God.

Also, to offer sacrifices on their behalf; Jesus offering Himself.

V. 1a

Standard posture.

V. 1b-2

Prayer, when sincere reveals much. – This prayer = Glory of God!

But not what we’d expect. Supremely = ╬.

Shows obedience of J. / shows approval of F.

The ╬ reveals what man thinks of J.

The reveals what F. thinks of Him.

Time has arrived – J. asks for F. to glorify Him so He can glorify F.

He’s thinking of the ╬ – praying “You will be done!”

Thru ╬ curse defeated, redemption secured, eternal life granted.

Thru ╬, what Adam lost, Christ reclaimed.

He has authority to impart blessing of ╬ (His ╬!)

Blessing = E.L. / To all the Father gives Him.

5 times in ch. 17; His own are those F. gave Him. [2,6,9,24]

In what way does F. GIVE Jesus His people?

F. the One who initiated redemption – His plan.

That plan à Incarnation, ╬, faith.

V. 3

Only definition of E.L. / To know God.

“Know” = ginosko; experiential, relational.

Present tense = “be continually knowing.” / Deepening intimacy.

E.L. not “spiritual enlightenment.” / True God! Includes JC.

Vs. 4-5

For J. way to glorify God = obey Him, perform His will. / He did!

Asks for entrance back into that place He’d had B4 incarnation.

J. finished. / Conformed to Him – need to follow thru, complete.

Something not finished, left off? / Retreat, conference – no follow-thru.

Samuel to Saul à wipe out Amalekites.

b.   For the disciples 17:6-19

Vs. 6-8

16:30 – They didn’t totally understand, but of 1 thing convinced – J. on divine mission. MESSIAH!

J. faithfully revealed God to them – they received it while others rejected.

In v. 6, - “---” / In Gal. sincere heart for God; faith. / Set them apart. / Ripe for call. / God sees the heart.

Vs. 9-10

J. not praying for everyone; focusing on D’s. / Thru them mission done.

While God loves the world, single desire = conversion.

Again – special rel. D’s have with God; belong to Him.

“---” = just as He glorified F by doing His will,  we glorify J., by doing His.

John 15 – glorify God by bearing fruit.

Matt. 5 – Let light so shine - good works, glorify F.

V. 11

J. mission over – D’s beginning. / Prayer for protection.

Martyrs?  God fail? / What does killing a believer do to them = Heaven!

Protection from true peril – unbelief!

V. 12

J. protected them for 3 years, now leaving, turns over to F’s protection.

None lost except Judas, who’d never been anything but lost.

Son of perdition/destruction” – Always his nature/character to bring ruin.

V. 13-16

Humanity divided in 2; Lost & Saved.

Saved, saints = Church / Lost = world

What marks great divide = Faith – Trust in God’s word.

[False faith] = spiritual optimism; higher power, paranormal, general belief in “something.”

True faith = Belief in/reliance on God’s objective revelation in Scriptures & Incarnation. / Grows out of encountering these – Faith comes by hearing!

J. prays the distinction of faith will be strong among His own.

They exist IN the world, but they are not OF it.

V. 17

“Sanctify” = to set apart as special. / Done by the truth of God’s Word.

World under influence of father of lies.

Importance of being a good student of Scripture, walking in Sp., intimate contact with J.

V. 18-19

D’s to carry on J’s mission. / Be witnesses to truth.

In order to do that – J. go to ╬. / As a priest, offered Himself as perfect, holy sacrifice.

Thru that, truth began to unravel the deceit of satan.

Like a loose thread on a cheap sweater.

D’s mission to keep pulling on that thread by cleaving to the truth of Christ.

c.   For all believers 17:20-26

Vs. 20-21

D’s will be successful – More believers. / J. prays for them.

What He prays – unity, oneness. / Not just one another, but with God too.

No special elite in Kingdom.  All equal, all one.

Vs. 22-23

As we’ve seen, J. considered it glorious to perform F’s will.

Since D’s carrying on His mission, they now get to share in that glory.

Note how in vs. 21& 23 J. links the unity of His people with the world’s awareness of the truth about Him & mission.

Love – revealed agape – single greatest apologetic there is. / 13:35

Enemy attacks. / Don’t get sucked in. / If there, get out!

 V. 24

J. looking beyond this age to eternity. / Yearning for the day when together in Heaven.

Vs. 25-26

J. ends with a passionate outcry of His earnest desire for everything to be wrapped up at last.

 He wants to return to the F. but not without his people.

There is one final event, yet to come that will make all of this possible – ╬.