New Testament I


Sunday Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
Just A Man Or A Just Man? Matthew 1:19 NOTES
Walk the Talk Matthew 3:8 NOTES
Pray Like This (Prayer Theme) Matthew 6:5-13 NOTES MP3
Renewing The Heavenly Subscription Matthew 6:9-13 NOTES
Forgiveness (Prayer Theme) Matthew 6:12, 14-15 NOTES MP3
Fruit, Fellowship, Foundations Matthew 7:13-27 NOTES
Compassion & Power Matthew 9:35-38 NOTES MP3
Rest For The Weary Matthew 11:28-30 NOTES MP3
Triumph of Justice (Easter) Matthew 12:18-21 NOTES MP3
Gentle Power Matthew 12:15-21 NOTES MP3
The Parable of the Sower Matthew 13:1-23 NOTES MP3
Broken in His Hands Matthew 14:15-21 NOTES
Storms Will Come Matthew 14:22-33 NOTES MP3
Prayer & Fasting Matthew 17:14-21 NOTES
The Forgiveness Imperative Matthew 18:21-35 NOTES MP3
Priorities Matthew 19:16-22 NOTES MP3
Kingdom Greatness Matthew 20:20-28 NOTES MP3
Are You Ready? Matthew 24:32-44 NOTES MP3
Making History Matthew 26:6-13 NOTES MP3
Peter & Judas Matthew 26:20-35 NOTES MP3
Going Matthew 28:18-20 NOTES MP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies Notes Audio
Matthew 1-2 NOTES MP3
Matthew 3-4 NOTES MP3
Matthew 5:1-16 NOTES
Matthew 5:17-6:34 NOTES MP3
Matthew 7-8:17 NOTES
Matthew 8:18-9:38 NOTES MP3
Matthew 10-11 NOTES MP3
Matthew 12-13 NOTES MP3
Matthew 14-15:20 NOTES
Matthew 15:21-Ch. 16 NOTES
Matthew 17-18 NOTES
Matthew 19-21 NOTES
Matthew 21-22 NOTES
Matthew 23-24a NOTES
Matthew 24b-26 NOTES
Matthew 27-28 NOTES MP3

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Sunday Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
Taking Our Cue Mark 1:35-38 NOTES MP3
Following Jesus Mark 2:13-14 NOTES MP3
The Sin That Can’t Be Forgiven Mark 3:22-30 NOTES MP3
Sowing Mark 4:26-29 NOTES MP3
Spiritual Progress Mark 8:22-26 NOTES
How To Get Through It Mark 9:1-9 NOTES MP3
First Mark 12:28-34 NOTES
Watch & Pray Mark 14:32-34 NOTES
The Torn Veil Mark 15:33-39 NOTES
And . . . Mark 16:1-8 NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies Notes Audio
Mark 1 NOTES MP3
Mark 2-3 NOTES MP3
Mark 4 NOTES MP3
Mark 5-6 NOTES MP3
Mark 7-8 NOTES MP3
Mark 9 NOTES MP3
Mark 10 NOTES MP3
Mark 11-12 NOTES
Mark 13 NOTES
Mark 14 NOTES
Mark 15-16 NOTES

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Sunday Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
Hold Fast Luke 1:8-20 NOTES MP3
Highly Favored Luke 1:28 NOTES
It Came to Pass Luke 2:1-7 NOTES MP3
The Boy In the Temple Luke 2:41-52 NOTES
Prepare the Way of the Lord Luke 3:3-18 NOTES MP3
Dealing with the Devil Luke 4:1-13 NOTES
Jesus & Sinners Luke 5 NOTES MP3
Instructions For Fishermen Luke 5:1-11 NOTES
Trees & Fruit Luke 6:43-45 NOTES MP3
Building On The Rock Luke 6:46-49 NOTES
Who Loves More? Luke 7:36-48 NOTES MP3
The Authority of the Believer Luke 9:1-2 NOTES MP3
The Harvest Luke 10:1-4 NOTES MP3
Distractions Luke 10:38-42 NOTES
The Priority of Worship Luke 10:38-42 NOTES MP3
What Comes First Luke 12:13-34 NOTES
Waiting For the Master Luke 12:35-40 NOTES MP3
Dealing with Disaster Luke 13:1-5 NOTES MP3
The Way To Life Luke 13:22-30 NOTES
Take A Seat Luke 14:7-11 NOTES
The Joy of Repentance Luke 15:1-10 NOTES
God’s Joy Luke 15:1-10 NOTES MP3
The Most Amazing Stock Tip Luke 16:1-13 NOTES MP3
Dealing With Offenses Luke 17:1-4 NOTES MP3
The Importance of Being Thankful Luke 17:11-19 NOTES
Dependents Luke 18:1-8 NOTES
The Mark of Repentance Luke 18:9-14 NOTES MP3
Minas Luke 19:11-27 NOTES MP3
Jesus Passes the Test Luke 20:20-38 NOTES MP3
In Remembrance Luke 22:14-20 NOTES MP3
He’s Prayed for You Luke 22:31-34 NOTES MP3
The Repentant Robber Luke 23:39-43 NOTES MP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies Notes Audio
Luke 1 NOTES MP3
Luke 2 NOTES MP3
Luke 3-4 NOTES MP3
Luke 5 NOTES MP3
Luke 6 NOTES
Luke 7 NOTES MP3
Luke 8 NOTES MP3
Luke 9:1-51 NOTES MP3
Luke 9:51-11:13 NOTES MP3
Luke 12 NOTES
Luke 13 NOTES MP3
Luke 14 NOTES MP3
Luke 15-16 NOTES MP3
Luke 17-18 NOTES MP3
Luke 19-20 NOTES MP3
Luke 21 NOTES MP3
Luke 22 NOTES MP3
Luke 23 NOTES MP3
Luke 24 NOTES MP3

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Sunday Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
Grace & Truth John 1:14-16 NOTES
Being Born Again John 3:1-21 NOTES
Why Jesus Came John 3:16 MP3
In His Hands John 6:1-14 NOTES
The Good Shepherd John 10:1-10 NOTES
Not Yet John 11:1-44 NOTES
Carpe Occasio John 12:1-8 NOTES
Handling Power John 13:1-17 NOTES
Walking John 13:6-10 NOTES
Home John 14:1-6 NOTES
Joy Full John 16:23-24 NOTES
In the Eye of the Storm John 16:33 NOTES
Before Pilate John 18:33-38 NOTES
Done John 19:28-30 NOTES
The Fountain of Life John 20:30-31 NOTES
The Blessing of Believing John 20:24-29 NOTES
Purpose John 21:1-14 NOTES
For Fallen Follower John 21:18-19 NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies Notes Audio
John 1:1-16 NOTES
John 1:17-2:25 NOTES
John 3-4:42 NOTES
John 4:43-5:47 NOTES
John 6 NOTES
John 7 NOTES
John 8 NOTES
John 9 NOTES
John 10 NOTES
John 11 NOTES
John 12 NOTES
John 13 NOTES
John 14 NOTES
John 15 NOTES
John 16 NOTES
John 17 NOTES
John 18 NOTES
John 19 NOTES
John 20 NOTES
John 21 NOTES

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Sunday Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
Meanwhile Acts 1:4-11 NOTES
What Shall We Do? Acts 2:37-41 NOTES
What is ‘Church’? Acts 2:42-47 NOTES
More Acts 3:1-10 NOTES
Used by God Acts 4:1-13 NOTES MP3
A Moment of Clarity Acts 5:1-11 NOTES MP3
Keeping on Track Acts 6:1-7 NOTES MP3
Martyrs Acts 7:51-60 NOTES MP3
Not For Sale Acts 8:9-24 NOTES MP3
Expectations Acts 12:1-17 NOTES MP3
Fickle Acts 14:8-20 NOTES MP3
Which Yoke? Acts 15:6-11 NOTES MP3
Walking—Together Acts 15:12-29 NOTES MP3
Dealing with Disagreement Acts 15:36-41 NOTES MP3
The Right Use of Power Acts 19.11-12 MP3
The Pastoral Task Acts 20.28-31 MP3
The Danger of Delay Acts 24.22-27 MP3
Converted Acts 26.18 MP3
Evaluating Acts 28.1-6 MP3
Previous Sermon Series Text Notes Audio
What To Do In The Meantime Acts 1:4-11 NOTES
The Way Back Acts 2:37-41 NOTES
How To ‘Do’ Church Acts 2:42-47 NOTES
Something Better Acts 3:1-10 NOTES
What It Takes Acts 4:1-13 NOTES
Serious Business Acts 4:32-5:14 NOTES
Staying Focused Acts 6:1-7 NOTES
Look! I See . . . Acts 7:54-60 NOTES
Simony Acts 8:9-24 NOTES
God Of The Impossible Acts 9:36-42 NOTES
A Wider Harvest Acts 10 NOTES
The Fickle Heart of Man Acts 14:8-20 NOTES
Operation:Faithfulness Acts 14:19-20 NOTES
Songs In The Night Acts 16:16-34 NOTES
As The World Turns Acts 17:1-6 NOTES
Do Not Be Afraid Acts 18:1-11 NOTES
Living In The Name Acts 19:13-20 NOTES
The Shepherd Acts 20:28-32 NOTES
Faith Begins At Home Acts 21:7-9 NOTES
Felix Before Paul Acts 24:24-27 NOTES
The Mission Part 1 Acts 26:14-18 NOTES
The Mission – Part 2 Acts 26:14-18 part 2 NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies Text Audio
Acts 1-2:13 NOTES
Acts 4:13-6:7 NOTES MP3
Acts 6-7 NOTES MP3
Acts 8-9 NOTES MP3
Acts 10-11 NOTES MP3
Acts 12 NOTES MP3
Acts 13:1-13 NOTES MP3
Acts 13-14 NOTES MP3
Acts 16 NOTES MP3
Acts 17 NOTES MP3
Acts 17:22-18:17 NOTES MP3
Acts 18:18-Ch. 19 NOTES MP3
Acts 20 MP3
Acts 21-22 MP3
Acts 23-24 MP3
Acts 25-26 MP3
Acts 27-28 MP3