Deuteronomy – Mar. 2


Read Philippians 3:12-14.

It’s a truism that we often miss something by focusing on it. For instance, aiming at happiness is a sure way to miss it because happiness is never the right objective. It’s the result of pursuing WHAT IS the right objective.

The same principle applies in overcoming our Amalekite-sins. We overcome envy, not by focusing on not envying, but by trusting God and learning to be content with what He provides. We overcome lust, not by trying not to lust, but by letting our hearts be satisfied in the beauty of holiness.

In this passage in Philippians, Paul shares his perspective and pursuit. When we go “all in” in our pursuit of God, the appeal of lesser things diminishes. Without even trying, the appeal of Amalekites like envy or lust just don’t matter. They seem petty, unwelcome distractions.