Deuteronomy – Feb. 26

Judgment in Time & Space

Read Deuteronomy 25:17-18

A critic assumes only a petty deity would call for the eradication of an entire people as is described here. That critic gives evidence to his/her ignorance of ancient Amalekite culture. Some historians liken the Amalekites and several of the Canaanite tribes at that time as being like a rabid dog, destined to certain ruin, but capable of doing a lot of damage to the innocent before expiring. The Amalekites weren’t an innocent people who just happened to be in Israel’s way. They were brutal outlaws who preyed on the weak and innocent. Note when they attacked and who.

Because we KNOW God is merciful, gracious, and kind, we can reasonably and Biblically infer God had been at work among the Amalekites prior to this but they’d resisted Him. The time for mercy is over; judgment has come.

While God judges individuals in eternity (heaven and hell) there are no nations or kingdoms in heaven, so societies experience judgment or reward in the here and now.

Something to think about as we pray for our nation.