Deuteronomy – Feb. 19

Read Deuteronomy 14:22-23

As we saw in the message Sunday, the word ‘tithe’ means a tenth. God told Israel to bring a tenth of all their harvest and flocks to the tabernacle where they were to give it to the priests, who then gave a portion back for them to enjoy a festive meal.

God intends our giving to be a thing of celebration and joy, something we look forward to, not regret or take on with a sense of dreary obligation.

Most Christians recognize giving of their material wealth ought to be a part of their relationship with God, whether they’re doing it or not. The Bible has about 500 verses each on prayer and faith. It has well over 2000 about money. God gives so much instruction on money because He knows it plays a major role.

As you reflect on Sunday’s message and move forward into this week, prayerfully ponder your attitude toward giving. Is it a thing of dry duty or a joy?