Luke – Nov 30

The Value of RebukeLuke 17:3

That word “rebuke” has a wide range of meaning. How it is to be understood depends on its context. The root-word means to value something; to honor it by giving it special attention.

Jesus’ hearers understood Him to be saying they were to practically value and honor others. They would do this by helping them overcome those things that held them back from obtaining the kind of character that would allow them to flourish.

We’re to adopt that posture toward one another. Cain sarcastically fired back at God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” It seems Jesus would reply, “Maybe not his ‘keeper’. But you are, after all, his brother/sister. So do what’s best for him.”

The rebuke Jesus speaks of in v. 3 doesn’t just tell others they’re wrong. It aims to help make them right.