Luke – Dec 7

A Dry & Shrunken Soul -Psalm 32

Psalm 32 was written by David after he confessed his grievous sin with Bathsheba and the shameful cover-up he foisted afterward. Note particularly vs. 3-4. Though David tried to pretend everything was fine, guilt for what he’d done ate away at his soul. Unconfessed and unrepented sin does that.

Vs. 1-2 & 5 announce the healing that takes place when we admit sin & ask to be forgiven.

Don’t be fooled by the devil’s clever lies. He tempts and convinces us to sin. Once we have, he uses the threat of shame to make us want to keep it in the dark, secret. He then uses that sin as a beach head to morally and spiritually shrink us. Unconfessed sin is a spiritual boil that needs to be lanced so it can heal. Confession  begins the process of healing.