Luke – Dec 4

A Test for Self-RighteousnessLuke 18:9-14

Note carefully Luke’s tip as to why Jesus told this parable in v. 9. It challenged those who trusted themselves and despised others. Those go together.

It’s not always easy sorting out what we trust in because the human capacity for self-deception is boundless. Far easier to discern is when we despise someone else.

In the message Sunday, Pastor Lance said, “To the degree we despise others, to that degree we fail to see our own need.” We despise others because we evaluate ourselves as superior. But the comparison we’re making is between ourselves and them not ourselves and God.

Since it’s clear Jesus honors the example of the repentant tax-collector while waving us off form that of the arrogant Pharisee, let’s take a good, hard look at where and when we despise others.