Luke – Dec. 22

Perfect Intimacy – Forever

Read Luke 20:27-36

A simple thought today, but one that bears much reflection.

Jesus said there’s no marriage to people in heaven. There’s no need for it since marriage was set as the solution to the problem of loneliness in Genesis 2. Loneliness won’t exist in heaven. Every relationship in heaven will be infinitely greater than the most intimate we’ve known on Earth because sin and the shame it yields are forever banished. We will know and be known as no Earthly relationship has ever seen.

While hell isn’t the exact opposite of Heaven, it is the absence of Heaven’s delights and glory. Jesus called in a place of outer darkness where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth; an idiom of abject sorrow and loss. If Heaven is the realization of all we yearn for in relationship, hell is the absence of that. Heaven is perfect companionship; Hell, utter loneliness.

No wonder they weep.