Luke – Dec. 21


Read Luke 20:26

They marveled at Jesus’ erudite and surprising answer to what they’d assumed was a slam-dunk means of ending His troubling presence. All their challenge did was dig their hole deeper while brightening Jesus’ star. So they marveled. The word means to wonder at or admire something. It describes the mental activity of pondering a thing because it causes questions that plead to be answered. When Jesus answered them with something that had never occurred to them as a solution to the quandary they’d assumed they presented, their response was, “Huh. I wonder how He came up with that? What a marvelous answer!” Then note carefully what their next thoughts were. “We better not say any more till we can figure out a better way to get rid of him.”

The value to us of their irrational reaction to Jesus lies in the caution it urges about how tightly we hold our opinions. While being confident of those things God’s Word is clear on, we ought to exercise extreme care in how committed we are to opinions and evaluations of things like people, policies,  positions, and politics. We all have opinions. Let’s make sure they’re open to evaluation and subject to change.