Luke – Dec. 15

Losing It, Yet NotLuke 18:28-30

Jesus told the rich ruler to “give away” his wealth. He refused to part with it, revealing where his real treasure lay. It wasn’t in heaven; it was on Earth. Which brings us back round to his original question; how to make sure after he died he went to heaven. Once Jesus dealt with him, it was clear; He was more interested in Earth than Heaven.

Look at the first words of v. 24. Jesus was bummed out by this man’s refusal to shift his treasure form Earth to Heaven. He invited the man to give it away and find new treasure in something infinitely better. But he refused to part with his earthly treasure.

Some people aren’t given the option of giving away their stuff; sometimes it’s TAKEN away, as happened this week in our community – with some of our own church family. But they face precisely the same choice; how they will react to the loss of earthly things.

The loss of a house is a very real cause of sorrow. A home is a place where precious memories were made. But after the building is gone, the memories live on.

We decide how we’re going to react to loss. For the follower of Christ, we have the promise that God will keep us and guide us safely home, where this entire life will be understood from a different framework. This is our hope, the anchor of our soul.