Luke: Day 61


The three parables in Luke 15 speak of joy when the lost sheep/coin/son is found. Jesus describes a celebration in all three that is a picture of the real joy in heaven with the Father and the Angels when a single sinner repents.

We can’t even imagine here on earth what a party in heaven would look like, but you can get an idea when you think of how much this celebration COST God!

A wedding is the most expensive party you will probably ever throw. It is a once–in–a–lifetime event, so it isn’t the time to skimp and cut corners. Compared to what a family spends on other luxuries, the bill for a daughter’s wedding certainly seems outlandish!

How much did God spend for the celebration of the repentant sinner? It cost Him EVERYTHING! It cost Jesus His life. That is one expensive party, but no corners have to be cut, and nothing has to be skimped. It is all paid for, so God and the Angels party all out!

Pray today for fresh passion to reach the lost.

Pray for a renewed commitment to evangelism.

Pray for prayer: ask God to help you pray faithfully.

Be intentional to reach out to a not–yet–saved person and befriend them!

This might just be the start of an epic party in heaven!