Luke: Day 60

Parable of the Rich FoolLuke 12:16-21

This is called the Parable of the Rich Fool. His error wasn’t in building bigger barns and warehouses. It was his reason for doing so. His motive was greed. He was going to spend his abundance solely on himself.

Jesus applies the lesson of the parable in v. 21 when He says we ought to be rich toward God. He doesn’t say it’s wrong to have earthly wealth. It’s only wrong when that wealth is all we care about, our sole sense of what’s valuable.

As we process all this we need to realize Jesus isn’t talking here about the rich and poor at all. He’s talking about what’s of supreme importance and value to us. We have to decide what the word “treasure” means.

What we truly, genuinely treasure is that which we’d never give up, even at the peril of our lives. It’s of such great value to us, we’d give all for it. Bottom line: THAT is our God, whether the true God of Heaven, or some idol.