Luke: Day 59

The Antidote to CovetousnessLuke 12:15 (Yet again)

Notice in particular the last part of the verse. Jesus (literally) says our life isn’t about accumulating stuff. We paraphrase for a clearer take on what Jesus said, “A person’s life isn’t IN getting more possessions.” That flows naturally from His warning about covetousness. And it’s why we need to be on guard against coveting, because it doesn’t add life, it subtracts from it.

While Jesus tells us what life ISN’T about in v. 15, He doesn’t tell us what it IS about. What it IS about is implied by the opposite of coveting – contentment. Contentment is the antidote to the desire for more.

Contentment lies in choosing to be satisfied with God and His provision. That’s easy to do when we realize how much He loves us and has promised to care for us.