Luke: Day 58

Coveting is Dangerous – Luke 12:15 (again)

Jesus’ call to beware of covetousness echoes the Tenth Commandment prohibiting coveting (Exo. 20:17).  In light of Colossians 3:5, which says covetousness IS idolatry, we realize the Ten Commandments are a closed loop. The prohibition on coveting in the last commandment sends us back to the first two commandments; to have no other God but God and to make no idol to worship in His place.

Many consider the Tenth Commandment’s forbidding covetousness as not belonging with such serious sins as murder, adultery, theft, and deceit. Maybe they lighten the seriousness of the idolatry of coveting precisely because it’s their sin while the others are not and so are easy to condemn. It’s human nature to give a pass to those sins we like. Let’s ask the Spirit of God to instill the same moral weight toward coveting as we give to murder, adultery, and theft.