Luke: Day 57

A Little Discomfort Can Be Good – Luke 12:15

The words, “Take heed and beware” are strong words that call for focused and determined action. They picture someone getting ready for mortal battle. Specifically what Jesus says we’re to take heed to and beware of is covetousness. The word means “the desire for more,” and is always a strong-negative in the Bible. It’s usually attached to the idea that in the pursuit of more, morality is thrown out the window. Right and wrong become defined only by what will get someone the desire more.

Obviously, since Jesus calls for such strong action against covetousness, we ought to see it as a major threat. The challenge is, do we? Do you?

How tightly wound is covetousness to popular culture? Consider advertising. What’s the connection between marketing and covetousness?

Let’s apply this now. What ads, if any, are especially potent in stirring desire in you? What appeals are strong attractions that get you thinking about spending? à Asking these questions of ourselves is uncomfortable, but in light of Jesus’ strongly worded caution, they’re called for and worthy of some serious, honest reflection.