Luke: Day 56

Interview with JesusLuke 12:13-15

Take a quick look at the dozen or so verses before v. 13. In this larger section of Luke’s Gospel, he relates several brief teachings Jesus gave based on various encounters with people. In the teaching just before v. 13, Jesus had spoken about fearing God rather than man. What this man says in v. 13 is an interruption. It has nothing to do with what Jesus has been talking about. So, what’s on this guy’s mind? What’s important to him?

If you had a chance to talk to Jesus about ANYTHING, what would you want to talk about? What questions would you ask? If you could secure help from Him, (as this guy’s asked for) what would you request?

Think about what that reveals about your motives and innermost desires. Jesus took this man’s request (demand) and used it as a diagnosis of his spiritual condition; he was covetous.