Luke: Day 55

Press InLuke 11:24-26

Jesus delivers a stern warning. It ties to vs. 17-23 where Jesus called his critics to cease their opposition to Him and instead put their trust IN Him. They were in a dangerous place. They’d just witnessed an incredible miracle all logic suggested ought to move them into whole-hearted devotion to Him. They instead came up with a really lame explanation for the miracle. Jesus warns them that to see such an amazing proof of who He is yet to be unmoved INTO faith puts them in a dangerous spiritual position where they are subject to massive deception at the hand of Satan.

In the message last Sunday, Pastor Lance drew an application from this about the importance of the believer to not just let Jesus “cast out the evil of sin” but to also invite Him in to fill every “nook and cranny” of our lives. It isn’t enough to just take Jesus as the Savior Who gets us into heaven after we die. We need to invite Him and heaven into our lives now.

Take a look at Hebrews 12:14-15. What does it mean for someone to “fall short of the grace of God?”