Luke: Day 54

Loving the Lost – Luke 11:17-23

In response to the critics who accused Jesus of casting out demons by demonic rather than divine power, He laid bare the utter, foolish illogic of their position. Because He was more concerned with their state and destiny of their souls than in winning an argument, Jesus then confronted them with their need to quit their opposition and trust in Him. He warned them there was no middle ground in their belief about Him. Either they are for or against Him.

That you are reading this devotional suggests you’re a follower of Jesus. You’ve already decided FOR Him. Hallelujah. What Jesus says in these verses helps us in learning to view all people as either for or against Him– either heaven-bound or hell-bent. There’s no other option. BUT: That doesn’t mean we’re to view the lost as enemies to be despised. Jesus gives us the example on how to treat them. If they were doomed and damned, He’d have ignored them. His remonstrating with them was an attempt to awaken them to their need OF Him, so they’d repent and put their trust in Him to be saved.

Let’s love the lost INTO the kingdom, as He did.