Luke: Day 53

What Will It Take?Luke 11:14-16

It’s v. 16 we’re focusing on today. What did these people want Jesus to do? Why?

They’d just seen an incredible miracle! But they want more. Some people are never satisfied. Their unbelief knows no ends.

When Luke says, “they tested Him,” he means they’ve conditioned their faith on yet another sign. Here’s the thing—If another sign would have indeed resulted in their trusting Jesus, He would have done it! That He ignored them tells us, another sign would NOT have been enough for them.

This is one of the things we all need to ask in our walk with God; “What’s enough for me to trust in Jesus?” The Gospel ought to be enough. That Jesus came, died and rose ought to be all the evidence we need that trusting in Him is the right and reasonable thing to do.