Luke: Day 50

Sit with Jesus – Luke 10:41-42

In reading this story, we often key on Martha. Take careful note what Jesus said about Mary; she chose the good part; sitting at Jesus’ feet BEFORE serving Him.

For sure, Mary knew the time would come to make a meal for her guests. But she understood that sitting at Jesus’ feet was a priority. She watched Him, and when she saw He planned to teach, she parked it and hung on every word. In other words, she let Jesus Himself determine her actions. Martha ASSUMED the meal came first because that’s the way custom dictated. In the contest between God and tradition, God wins.

Both Mary and Martha wanted to serve Jesus. Martha meant her service to be an expression of her love FOR Him. Mary understood a deeper truth; that our service of God ought to be fueled, not by our love for God, but by His love for us. So she took her place at Jesus’ feet to be filled by that love. Martha’s desire to serve ended up turning into a complaint, precisely because it was based on her meager supply of love.