Luke- Day 5

MORE THAN ABILITY- Luke 1:46-55; 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

In Mary’s song of praise in Luke 1:46-55, she celebrates the justice and equity of God in doing His work, not through those the world deems as “great” but through the likes of her and Elizabeth; those the world utterly overlooks.

The abiding lesson for us isn’t that Mary & Elizabeth were unique. On the contrary, they frame the template for how God works and through whom. Mary’s example is remarkable. It proves what God is looking for more than ability is availability.

Those who want to be used by God ought not get hung up on either the presence or lack of qualifications. Both set our focus on ourselves. We think God can use me because “I’ve got skills,” or He can’t use me because I don’t. The problem in both cases is “I.” God’s work isn’t dependent on human energy or wisdom; it’s dependent on Him alone. So let’s say what Mary did, “Let it be to me as the Lord says.”

 Why should it not matter to us whether or not we are qualified to do what God is calling us to? Is God inviting you to trust Him in a difficult new venture in your own life?