Luke – Day 49

Is God Mad at Me?Luke 10:41-42

Martha rebuked Jesus in v. 40. He does not reply unkindly in v. 41. He’s gentle and compassionate. Instead of an insult, which He could easily have delivered, He graciously diagnoses Martha’s need, then offers the remedy by pointing to the example of her sister.

This is a much needed corrective for many people in how they view God’s dealing with the short-comings and error of His people. Martha’s just REBUKED God and expressed some errant theology about Him (“Don’t You care about me?”). But He doesn’t hurl angry denunciations at her or do a spiritual knee-drop on her. His reply is tender and deeply personal, “Martha, Martha.”

Let Jesus’ manner with mixed up Martha shape the way you see God’s manner with you when you mess up.