Luke: Day 47

Does God Care? – Luke 10:38-40

What did Martha accuse Jesus of? Do you ever feel that God doesn’t care about you?

Many people question God’s love and care for them because of an unmet expectation. Martha expected Mary to help her. When Mary didn’t, she eventually blamed Jesus for it. Think about this for a moment. DID Jesus care for Martha? Of course. Certainly Martha knew that. It was precisely because she knew Jesus DID care for her that she expected Him to send Mary to help her.

We all have expectations we place on others, including on God. When those expectations aren’t met, the problem isn’t some failure on God’s part, it’s on ours. We held a goofy expectation. Martha wisely ASKED Jesus if He cared; she didn’t come right out and say, “You DON’T care!” Like Martha, there will be times in our lives when un-met expectations spark a question, “Doesn’t God care?” Be sure the questions bring you back to a place of truth rather than an accusation. YES – God DOES Care! But He’s not obliged to fulfill our expectations, especially when they work against the flourishing life He wants for us.