Luke: Day 46

Who Are You More Like?Luke 10:38-40

This story of the sisters Martha and Mary is well-known and has been the source of not a few sermons. As is often the case with well-travelled Bible stories, because we’re familiar with it and have heard it taught on before, we assume we “know” it and have exhausted what it has to teach us. Let’s be careful with that thought. Surely there’s more treasure here for us to mine.

Though Mary and Martha were sisters, their personalities were clearly cut from different cloth. From the verses you just read, what was Martha like? How about Mary?

Which of the two do you more closely identify with and why? Would you have been sitting at Jesus’ feet, or at work making the meal?

If you’d been more like Martha, what would you have been thinking and feeling? Would you have spoken like her to Jesus, or silently stewed in anger to yourself?

If you’d been more like Mary, what would have been your thoughts and feelings when Martha rebuked Jesus and said that about you?