Luke: Day 45

Go and Do Likewise Luke 10:36–37

Parables communicate kingdom truths to Jesus’ disciples. They are simple teachings that drive a point home by the emotional impact of a story. They are so simple, in fact, they leave little “wiggle room.”

The lawyer in this conversation wanted to find a loophole to the Perfect Law of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He didn’t like the high standard, so he tried to reinterpret what a “neighbor” constituted.

But Jesus stopped him short by telling the Parable of the Samaritan.

The last phrase is so clear: “Go and do likewise.” Be like the Samaritan! Be neighborly. Help those in need, without qualification. Don’t judge. Don’t assume. GO to the one in need and stop the bleeding. Apply the medicine. Charge it to your account.

Because this is what Jesus has done for us!

This is the true “LIKEWISE”—we don’t ultimately aim to be like the Samaritan, we aim to be LIKE JESUS.

What should drive charity? What should drive compassion and mercy? What should drive justice? What should drive ministry?

Answer = a desire to be LIKE JESUS!

“Duty” or “religion” are feeble and inadequate motives that quickly fail. Instead, let love for Jesus motivate your mercy. Be so overwhelmed and saturated by His love for you that you can’t help but extended His love to others.