Luke: Day 44

Our Debt is Charged to His Account Luke 10:35–37

The Samaritan was generous with his time and money: even for one who was not his friend. In fact, the Israelite victim and the helpful, heroic Samaritan were culturally enemies! But the Samaritan simply paid the debt, and held nothing against the poor man. He held no grudge. He kept track of no offense. He even forgave future debts before they were even committed.

In the same way, Jesus has paid our debt, past, present, and future! He says, “charge it all to my account.”

This is one of the most “neighborly” and Christ–like behaviors of a Christian: holding no grudges! We keep helping others, despite the inconvenience, despite the cost, despite the risk—because this is what Jesus has done for us!

This is one of the greatest “freedoms in Christ” to be enjoyed by a Christ–follower: he or she doesn’t have to be in bondage to unforgiveness, bitterness, or a grudge. We are able to walk in this lifestyle: “…forgiving each other just as God in Christ also has forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32).