Luke: Day 42

Passed ByLuke 10:30–33

A man went down a dangerous road by himself and got attacked by robbers. How foolish of that unwary traveler! He should have known better.

In the same way, we’ve gone down the road of sin and were mugged by sin and Satan. We were left “half–dead” on the side of the road: physically alive, but spiritually dead.

The priest and Levite saw a victim, yet passed by on the other side. They judged him as unworthy of their help.

In the same way, Perfect Religious Law judges us as poor, broken fools, but it offers no true salvation or transformation. It can convince us of our sin, but we can never perfectly follow all of its righteous requirements.

A Samaritan comes by and offers help, unlike the religious men. He is an unexpected hero – an outcast, heretic, and enemy of Israel. He is a true neighbor, because he saw someone in need and didn’t pass on by on the other side of the road. He risked getting involved.

The Samaritan was just like Jesus, who was the outsider, rejected by the religious elite, and considered a “heretic.” But He saw our desperate need and came to our aid, when religion could offer no true help.