Luke: Day 40

What Manner We AreLuke 9:55-56

James & John asked their question of Jesus (v. 54) because they assumed He’d grant them permission. They hadn’t asked if they were to go into the village and preach the Gospel OR call down fire. They weren’t asking for options, trying to discern what Jesus wanted them to do. They assumed they KNEW what He wanted; to wipe the Samaritans out.

Jesus sternly rebuked that assumption. In saying, “You don’t know what manner of spirit you are of,” He’s making a shocking comment that set them on their heels. It was akin to when Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan!” The spirit animating them at that moment and suggesting they mete out death to the Samaritans was none other than the devil.

It’s crucial we pause to ask ourselves the hard question of whether we’re really following the Spirit of Christ in loving ALL people and wanting to see everyone in heaven. If we discover there are people we’d prefer in hell, we need to repent and plead with God to change our hearts.