Luke – Day 4

REWIRED BY GRACE – Luke 1:43Matthew 6:14; Matthew 18:21-35 Mark 11:25-26

We turn to Luke 1:43 again today because there’s another important insight to glean.

Not only was Elizabeth humbled by Mary’s grace, don’t miss that Mary was gracious in going to Elizabeth’s house in the first weeks of her own pregnancy. The grace that blessed Mary, made her gracious in return.

This is a genuine mark of the grace-touched soul; it becomes gracious. Jesus repeatedly said that those who’ve been forgiven, will forgive. He went even further and said that to be stubbornly unforgiving was evidence of an unforgiven soul. [Matthew 6:14; 18:21-35 Mark 11:25-26] The grace that repairs our relationship with God, rewires our relationships with others. If the way we treat others doesn’t become more gracious as we walk with God, we must assume we’re not really walking with Him.

Have you allowed God to “rewire” the way you relate to those God has placed in your life? Is there any bitterness or resentment in your heart that needs to be surrendered to God through forgiveness?