Luke: Day 38

Being HospitableLuke 9:51-54

While hospitality was and continues to be a chief virtue and inviolable custom in the Middle East, these particular Samaritans withheld it from Jesus and His disciples. The reason for their hostility is laid down to the fact that Jesus was determined to stay on task and go to Jerusalem. That seems an odd reason to withhold the most certainly expected hospitality.

Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews, with whom Samaritans had a long running and contentious dispute. To say it succinctly, there was a LOT of racial prejudice between these two groups. That Jesus was even traveling through Samaria was a surprise that might move the Samaritans to welcome Him. But Luke says that when they saw that His goal was to get to Jerusalem and that he would only stay for one night, they refused Him lodging.

How important is hospitality to those living in modern America? How does hospitality encourage and advance healthy relationships? How does a lack of it stunt them?

What kinds of things make you feel welcome and set you at ease when visiting someone else’s home/town? How good are you at providing those same things?