Luke: Day 37

A Question of GreatnessLuke 9:46-48

What were the disciples arguing about?

As we track through the Gospels, we find this was a regular dispute among them. Imagine that! These men we hold in such high esteem, arguing over who was greater.

Jesus dealt with their debate by pointing them at someone they would have given little regard for–  a young child. What ought that do to our consideration of who deserves our attention, our time, and our energy?

This passage suggests we spend some time considering how we define greatness. First of all, who gets to decide what greatness is? Should we make up our own criteria or adopt God’s assessment? That’s a good place to start. Where did we get our ideas of greatness; who’s influenced our thinking in this regard? Parents, friends, peers, the media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.?