Luke: Day 36

Want to Want – Luke 9:28-36

Yesterday (Sunday, Oct. 8) we looked at Luke 9:51-56 and the story of the Samaritans’ inhospitality. We’ll get to some daily devos later this week on that passage. Let’s first work up to it by taking a look at what comes before that story.

In these verses, Jesus takes just three of the disciples up a mountain and shows them His glory. It won’t be long before He heads to Jerusalem and the end. So he takes His three closest disciples and gives them this most intimate disclosure on Who He really is.

Those who WANT to be close to Jesus, He’s pleased to reveal Himself to. We have as much of the revelation of God as we really want.

If you sense that your knowledge of God ought to be much deeper than it is, ask Him to give you the “want to” to know Him more. That “want to” will certainly be answered.