Luke: Day 33

ROCKY SOIL – Luke 8:6; Luke 8:13; Ephesians 3:16-19

Read Luke 8:6 & 13

What’s the spiritual characteristic of this soil? What’s the fundamental error these people make?

Jesus identifies the problem of an insufficient root. What does that mean practically as we seek to apply this lesson here? How do we ensure the effect of God’s Word isn’t hindered by “rocks.” To answer that, think of what a farmer does with a field when he encounters such rocks. He pulls them up and moves them to the edge of the field where they become part of the wall. Now, think about that wall. What purpose does it serve?

We all have “rocks” in us; hardness that wants to hinder the effect of God’s word & Truth. Recognizing them, then repenting of them is crucial to moving deeper with Jesus. But once we’ve done so, we can use them positively by setting them at the border of our lives as eternal marks of God’s grace and victory. Don’t just let your old sinful nature be a thing you repent from and regret. Turn it into a valuable witness to the power of God to change a life.