Luke: Day 31

PASSIVE OR ACTIVE? – Luke 8:4; Psalm 1:2-3; Psalm 77:11-12

Read Luke 8:4

For our devotionals for this week, we’ll get into Jesus’ Parable of the Soils. Let’s begin by considering what kind of learner you are.

People learn best through different mediums. Some learn best by “seeing.” Others through “hearing.” Some learn best by engaging in a physical activity (they need to be able to move or make something). When and how is it easiest for you to learn something?

Regardless of your preference, we can all increase our capacity to learn in the way we hear; the way we listen. We tend to listen either passively or actively. Think about the way you listen to music. Most listen to music passively, as a form of entertainment. A master conductor listens actively. She/He sorts out the different sounds of each instrument and evaluates the skill of each musician.

When God’s Word is taught, how do you listen; passively or actively? Are you able to easily recall what you read/heard? What can you do to help improve your active listening skills?