Luke – Day 28

CLOSED ROOMS – Luke 6:46; Romans 8:5-11; James 4:6-8

In Sunday’s message, Pastor Lance referred to our relationship with Jesus as Lord being less like a buffet line where we pick and choose what to take and what to leave, as to a meal prepared by a Master Gourmet Chef.

Are there aspects of the call into a full, disciple life and Walk with God you’ve purposefully neglected? Has your faith been customized and edited by your preferences? Where, if anywhere, have you said “No, Lord”?

Think of your life like a house with different rooms; each room being devoted to a different aspect of life. There’s a room for your work, a room for you play, a room for your relationships, another for your speech, one for you hobbies, another for entertainment, one for your sex life, another for your finances, etc. Are any of those rooms closed off to God?

Analyze your heart. Why have you chosen to resist the Holy Spirit’s work in that area? Why does that need to be surrendered to God? What’s keeping you from trusting Him with it?