Luke – Day 2

Luke – Day 2

Unborn Joy Luke 1:39-44; Psalm 139:13-18

Today’s devotional thought is drawn from Luke 1:41 and speaks to what some will call a “touchy” issue.

Luke tells us that when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the as-of-yet unborn John the Baptist leaped in her womb for joy (v. 45). An unborn child experienced an emotion.

It’s clear from this and the rest of the Scripture that the unborn are human beings, not merely potential human beings. The laws of man may not assign personhood until a child takes its first breath outside, but that doesn’t mean the child is anything less than a real, full person.

The pro-choice / pro-life debate is a place where Jesus’ followers must lean on the counsel of God’s Word rather than human argument. When we find that a position we hold contravenes Scripture, it’s we who need to yield, not devise elaborate schemes for finding loopholes or setting aside Truth.

The Bible is very clear about when life begins and the value each person has in the eyes of our Maker. How does Psalm 139:13-18 differ from the world’s perspective on when human life should be counted? How does God value you?