Luke – Day 14

ASSUMPTIONS ARE DANGEROUS – Luke 3:8-9; 1 Corinthians 1:30-31

John urged caution among his hearers over assuming that because they were Jews they were safe and right with God. Anytime we encounter such harsh words being leveled by a prophet to “the people of God” we need to take special notice. They’re meant to be provocative; to elicit from the hearer and reader a careful reflection on whether or not they apply to us.

What are you counting on to secure your standing with God? Be careful how you answer that, just as John issued caution to his hearers who assumed that because they were Jews they were safe. Why are you safe?

I don’t issue that challenge to unsettle you. I echo John’s caution against assumption because it may be dangerous. Spend some time today thinking about where your confidence lies. If it’s in anything other than your abiding trust in Christ, it’s ill-founded.