Luke – Day 13

THE DANGERS OF SUCCESS – Luke 3:7; Proverbs 14:11-12; James 4:10

John wasn’t fooled into thinking he was successful because there were “multitudes coming to be baptized by him.” He focused on individuals rather than the crowd and saw in those being dunked that something was missing. They were getting wet, but they weren’t preparing for the arrival of the Messiah, which was what John’s mission was.

What constitutes success for you? What’s your God-ordained mission?

Having answered that, the question that follows is ALL IMPORTANT –>

How are you doing (in your mission)?

But to answer that, you need to identify HOW YOU KNOW how you’re doing. What criteria should you use to know how well you’re accomplishing what God’s brought you into existence for? 

John didn’t see crowds as the evidence of his success. Changed lives through genuine repentance that produced fruit was his criteria.

What’s yours?