Luke – Day 1

Faith’s Risk – Luke 1:26-38

Read the account of Gabriel’s message to Mary about her role in giving birth to the long-awaited Messiah in Luke 1:26-38.

Following the practice of that time, Mary was most likely around 13 years old. In our time, that’s about the age of a middle-schooler. As a betrothed woman, she was about to embark on the life she’d spent the previous few years preparing for. Then Gabriel shows up and announces she’s the object of a specific part of God’s plan that will dramatically pre-empt her plans. What will happen to her has the potential of blowing up her impending marriage and forever ruining her reputation, to the degree that she may lose all her friends and be forever alienated from her family. So take careful note of the amazing response Mary gives to Gabriel’s announcement – “Let it be to me according to your word.”

Consider what Mary risked with that attitude of complete and willing surrender to God’s will.

Mary demonstrates remarkable faith in God. While she could tick off a list of potential blow-back for turning up pregnant, the pluses were more elusive. What Mary knew for certain was that God was good and only wanted to bless her, so she casts herself on Him.

Following God in a hostile world will most certainly cost us; maybe it will cost us friends and family. We too get to bear Christ in a way similar to Mary. He now indwells us. Our lives ought to bear as much evidence to the life of Jesus within as Mary’s pregnancy identified her.

What might God be doing in your life right now that is requiring you to trust Him in a way you never have before? How will your life reflect your obedient trust in Christ in light of this?