Our Obligation to the Unreached

Our Obligation to the Unreached

This is interesting, isn’t it? I am attaching a message, not by Lance, but by David Platt.

No, you did not miss hearing David Platt at our church, this is a recording from last sunday at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham Alabama.

Who is David Platt? Dr. David Platt, among other things, wrote a book called Radical, one of my top 10 favorite books I have read. Platt is powerful and can rip you to the core with the message of salvation for you, but more importantly, for the world. He likes to not just nudge, but shove people out of monotonous christianity, to see the LOVE God has for the world, His plan for the world and our role in His plan. See, David Platt looks at the world in ways many of us don’t. He preceives a corrupt world of unureached, broken, condemed people bearing the image of God, who need to hear about Christ, who otherwise have not heard about His saving grace. 

Did you know there are an estimated 2 billion unreached people in the world right now? These are not people who have heard about Christ and rejected Him, these are people who have not heard there is such a thing as the bible, salvation or a savior named Jesus. In this message, David explains that we have obligations to the unreached of the world and goes on to chronical what scripture says those obligations are. But let’s be honest, do we really understand what happens if we don’t reach these people?

We may say that those who are unreached by the gospel will go to heaven or God will reach them somehow. Platt explains the dangers in this thinking this way. Is it possible that we might be thinking of this incorrectly? Do we dare to consider that unreached people know just enough about God to condemn them?

Take a listen, it’s worth it.