We’re painting the exterior of our house right now. Well, let me be precise, we hired a painter to paint our house; and he’s doing a great job.

Our house was built over 40 years ago. We’ve owned it for 17 years. Over the last several years we’ve done some minor work to it; double pain windows, hardwood floors, scrap the ceilings, interior paint. Next up is the kitchen which is in desperate need to updating.

My point is, the place you live needs maintenance. Besides the regular cleaning it gets, every so often a major change is required.

The same is true for something like this blog. I don’t live here; as is obvious to anyone who bothers to check in every so often. My posts have been abysmally slow in coming. That’s gonna’ change. I’ll be posting something here at LEAST weekly.

Just wanted to get that pout and make a fresh post. So, to anyone reading this, check back every few days (at least weekly) and expect posts to be coming a lot more frequently.