Scientific FACT: You Really Can’t Buy Happiness

Scientific FACT: You Really Can’t Buy Happiness

There is a saying “You can’t buy happiness”, which I know to be true, but I am often tempted to use the resources God has given me for my own selfish fulfillment. This is spoken about in Matthew 6:19-24 where Jesus teaches us to lay up treasures in heaven. I have personified this passage by spending less of my resources on myself and more on others, be it my family. friends or just people in need.

When we help others we physically feel euphoric, which is not the primary reason Jesus calls to help others, but is a tangible reward we experience when we put others first. This euphoric feeling is why many who do not follow Jesus tend to do nice things for people as they are rewarded for such actions.

I read this interesting article today which shows scientific proof that being selfish will damage health and helping others will promote overall health. It is an interesting read:

From the article:

It turns out that people who report feeling eudaimonic happiness — that glowing aura that comes with helping someone else — show gene expression profiles in their immune system that reduce inflammatory responses and increase antiviral and antibody production.

For people reporting hedonic happiness — that thrill of living large that we associate with a shopping spree — the reverse occurs, with increased inflammation and reduced resistance to attack.

It is always awesome when Science proves what the God and his Word has already told us.