What is This About?

What is This About?

Webservant Wanderings is a section where I post interesting articles, videos, and other uplifting media links that I found useful for my walk with Christ. Like it or not, some of the things I find interesting are concepts that make me think, from both sides of the camp. My promise to you the reader is to keep Christ the center of all posts and to stay away from topics about politics.

The things I find interesting are (in no particular order):

  • Christ
  • My family
  • Website creation and technology (which is why I am serving you the church with administration of this website)
  • All forms of science (incidentally I have a Biology degree)
  • World News

Based on the above list, you may find some posts in these areas of interest. I hope you find these posts as interesting as I do.


Your friendly neighborhood webservant, Matt