Sermon Discussion • To Life – Resurrection Sunday 2012

Sermon Discussion • To Life – Resurrection Sunday 2012


Many of the appliances that have become standard around the house have made life easier. What are some and how have they made things easier? Without them, how would life be different? What skills would we need to have & how much more time?

At what age did you come to faith in Jesus? Briefly (a couple minutes) describe how you came to the Lord; was there some crisis event or realization that was crucial?

Digging In

Read John 10:7-18 & Psalm 23:1-4

Since Psalm 23 was well-known in Jesus’ day, when He claimed to be the Good Shepherd, what did the people understand He was claiming?

In this passage in John 10, what does Jesus says his being the Good Shepherd means for His people?

In v. 10, what does Jesus announce He came to bring?

Since everyone already has life (they’re alive) what does Jesus mean? (Consider what Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3)

Why does He add, “. . . and that they may have it more abundantly”?

Why and how is the condition of sheep dependent on the quality of their shepherd?

What happens if a sheep decides to leave the flock and strike out on its own?

How does the death and resurrection of Jesus make possible for us to have The Best Life?

Wrap Up

In terms of our witness, why is it important for Jesus’ flock (His people) to not just survive, but to thrive? How does the  “more abundant” life Jesus came to bring attract the lost?

If we lived completely immersed in that life, what negative things would we be blessedly delivered from?