Amazing Story of a Christian Family in Haiti

Amazing Story of a Christian Family in Haiti

There is this family in Haiti who run a pregnancy center and ministry in Port au Prince who have an amazing story I want to share. They became missionaries to Haiti in 2006 and help expectant mothers with mid-wife services while ministering to the women in the name of Jesus Christ. A midwife by the name of Tara has a blog that is inspiring to read and really puts a reality check in front of us… What do we need, I mean, really need?

 From the blog above, here is an excerpt, very interesting read:

“I’ve often written about the struggle we engage in while we live between two worlds, two realities, two countries. The struggle to rectify: rich vs. poor, feasting vs.fasting, such abundance and such shocking scarcity; and determining how we are to graciously live within the tension – is ongoing. 

We (as americans) come from a culture that says we need a lot – in fact, we need everything, we need newer, brand-name, bigger, and better. It goes unnoticed by most. When I speak of it, I am often met by a blank stare. “What do you mean our culture pushes us further into materialism?” It required being removed physically by living in another culture in order for the problem to become so glaringly obvious.” MORE


Tara is also does marathons to raise money for the minitry, here is a documentary done on her efforts:

And here is the ministry website: