The Valiant • Psalm 108:12-13


A.  Simple!

1.   No doubt, today's message is likely to be one of the simplest you will ever hear me give

2.   But it's my hope that that simplicity will be it's power

3.   I want to talk with you about faith!

4.   Our text is Psalm 108

B.  Set Up

1.   The setting for this psalm is probably the most important military campaign of David's reign as king of Israel

2.   Not long after the kingdom had been united under his throne, David set out to press the borders of the nation to the boundaries God had promised them

3.   It wasn't long till the nations on the eastern frontier united in a counterattack

4.   There were 5 of them and they well outnumbered Israel's forces

5.   Psalm 108 is David's prayer for God's favor in battle

a.   you see, though they were outnumbered, David had a secret weapon

1) not a weapon that was wielded by hand in the heat of battle

2) it was used on one's knees in the secret place

3) David's secret weapon was prayer!

b.   so he turned to the Lord and plead for the His protection & success

c.   up to this point, the preparation for battle had not gone well for Israel

d.   it seemed that God was not with them

e.   but after David's prayer, the Lord replied that the land was His and He would give victory to His people

3.   Emboldened by the promise of victory, David cried out . . .

12 Give us help from trouble, For the help of man is useless.

13 Through God we will do valiantly,  For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.


A.  Valiant

1.   It's verse 13 I want to focus on this morning

2.   David declared

Through God we will do valiantly!

3.   David knew that while God had promised to give them victory in battle, there would still be a battle!

a.   the guarantee of success did not mean they could retreat and go home

b.   the promise of victory did not give them leave to take off their armor and relax their guard!

4.   Their victory would be IN BATTLE

a.   there was still an enemy to be engaged

b.   there was hard work to be done

c.   God had just promised that they would be the victors,

d.   that their labor would not be in vain

5.   Armed with God's promise - David determined to do something valiant!

a.   if success was guaranteed - why not venture something special?

b.   if they could not fail - why not go the extra mile and do more than was expected

6.   All of that is captured in David's declaration: "Through God we will do valiantly!"

7.   Valiant! Now, there's a word you don’t hear much anymore - unless you're reading a tale of medieval knighthood

8.   To be "Valiant" means to be strong!

a.   it comes from the word, "valor"

b.   meaning "determined courage and bravery "

9.   The one who is valiant is the one who has taken a stand and come what may, he or she will not back down

a.   they are persuaded their cause is right and just

b.   and no matter how great the opposition or lonely the stand, they are going to see it through to the end!

10. Since God had given the promise of victory in the coming battle, and since David knew that God does not lie, he went in to the battle with a courageous determination to make it count!

11. Verse 13 is a declaration of simple faith in God

B.  We Will Do Valiantly!

1.   I think the application for this is obvious to every one of us!

2.   We who belong to Christ have the same sure promises of God David had

3.   We the Redeemed have been given the promise of eternal life

a.   now, that life doesn't begin the moment we die; eternal life begins the moment we are born again

b.   eternal life does not merely speak of a quantity of life, but a quality of life

c.   and just as Israel had been promised a specific land in which to live, with boundaries set by God -

d.   so you and I have been promised a spiritual homeland with specific boundaries and content

e.   God wants each and every one of us to press out, as David did, to the full extent of what He has granted us

f.    but as in ancient Israel, the enemy will oppose that extension of our spiritual frontiers

g.   his forces will regroup and counterattack; it may be on this front, it may be on that

a.   it may be in our marriage

b.   in our career

c.   it may be among our family members

d.   or even our health

h.   whatever the front, where ever the battle line - You and I are promised victory in Christ

4.   Jesus said,

 “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”                {John 16:33}

a.   just as David knew that God's promise of victory did not mean there would be no battle,

b.   we must know that Jesus' promise of victory doesn't mean we won't face hardship and challenge

c.   on the contrary - in the world, we WILL have tribulation; that too is a promise

d.   but because Jesus has already overcome the world - we can be confident that as we live and believe in Him, we will overcome the world

e.   John wrote,

Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world; our faith.                        {1 John 5:4}

5.   It is faith that enables us to live valiantly

a.   it's faith that feeds courage

b.   it's faith that empowers us to take a stand, and no matter what the opposition, hold our ground

c.   it's faith that energizes us to press forward and take full possession of that which God ordains for us

6.   But we have to ask: Faith in what? 

a.   faith in faith?

b.   as though all we had to do was believe in some inner longing and visualize it.? "I think I can"

c.   No! The kind of faith that enables us to be valiant is Faith in God!

7.   It was David's simple confidence in God that enabled him to live such a valiant life

a.   in the Valley of Elah, when David stood in the towering shadow of the giant Goliath

b.   it was the uncomplicated faith of a young boy who believed that God's name ought not be defamed by a heathen dog

c.   why did David believe this?  Simple - God's word said so!

d.   Goliath was defying Israel and Israel's God

e.   and since there weren't any real men of faith among Israel's troops, David, though just a lad, went forth to take the blasphemer out

f.    when men prove themselves to be faithless children, then the children must become faithful men!


g.   it was faith in God that enabled David to leave his future in the Lord's hands and not wrest the throne from Saul

h.   it was faith in the Lord that moved him to take the city of Jerusalem from the Jebusites

i.    it was faith in God that formed the strategic plan to press Israel's boundaries to their widest extent

j.    David loved God's word, and he had read about the territory God had given them

k.   David's response was, "Well, if God has given us this, why do we sit here and let unbelievers control it?  Let's go take it!"

l.    and they did.

8.   All along - it was faith; faith in God!

9.   And a confidence that if God had spoken, His will was already revealed - Why not go out and make it happen?

C.  More Faith?

1.   We all know the importance of faith in the Christian life

a.   Hebrews tells us that without faith it's impossible to please God

b.   it says that the one who comes to God must believe that He is

c.   Romans 14:23 says that whatever is not from faith is sin!

2.   Yet despite the critical nature of faith, many people still have only a partial or shadowy understanding of what it is and how to get it

3.   This is nothing new - it even marked Jesus' disciples

4.   In Luke 17 we find an interesting exchange between Jesus and the boys

{5}  And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”

{6} So the Lord said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you."

a.   as the apostles followed Jesus around, they saw Him do some pretty amazing things

b.   they wanted to walk in the same kind of power and intimacy with the Father they saw in Jesus

c.   and they decided that all they really needed was more faith

d.   so they asked Jesus to increase theirs

e.   but Jesus corrected them:

1) it isn't the amount of faith that matters

2) it's the presence of faith that's critical

5.   Quite frankly, the disciples made the same mistake most people make

a.   they think of faith as some kind of a spiritual force

b.   and the more of this force you have, the more it can accomplish

6.   Jesus nukes this conception of faith

a.   he says, "Faith, even in such a small amount that it would be like the size of a teeny-tiny mustard seed, is enough to uproot a large tree and send it into the sea."

b.   it isn't the amount of faith that matters - as though faith was something one worked up from within

c.   it's the presence of faith that makes the difference

7.   The critical issue is this:  What is the object of our faith?

a.   if the object of our faith is God, then no matter how small our faith, because it is placed in an , all powerful and all-good God, there is no limit to what can be accomplished!

D.  The Key!

1.   Now here's the key

a.   here's why David's faith moved him to face down Goliath when everyone else was in terror

b.   here's why David killed the lion and the bear when they came out to take from his father's flock

c.   David's faith was something that was founded on a thoroughgoing knowledge of God

2.   The quality of our faith in God is directly proportional to our knowledge of God

a.   many people are deathly afraid of flying

b.   but eventually, they have to take a trip in an airplane

c.   they arrive early, purchase flight insurance, find their seat, and are all buckled up 20 minutes before take-off

d.   when the flight attendants go over the emergency procedures, they listen in rapt attention and want to demand that everyone else in the airplane shut-up and listen as well

e.   but as the flight progresses, they begin to relax

f.    when lunch is served, they eat

g.   and after an hour, they loosen their seatbelt - after 2 hours they get up and stretch their legs in the aisle

h.   before the flight is over, they are chatting with their neighbors and laughing and having a good time

i.    knowledge and experience have created a confidence in the aircraft and the crew

3.   During an earthquake some years ago, a family was terrified but were surprised by the apparent calm of their grandmother who lived with them

a.   while they were in utter panic, she was joyous

b.   they asked her why she wasn't afraid

c.   she said, "I rejoice to know that I have a God who can shake the world."

4.   Romans 10 says that faith comes by hearing God's Word!

a.   it's as we come face to face with God's revelation of Himself in the pages of Scripture that faith is birthed in our hearts

b.   David was valiant because of his deep and abiding love for the Word of God which we see reflected so well in Psalm 119

5.   Do you want more faith?  Make yourself a diligent student of the Scriptures

6.   Do you want to live a more victorious life?  Apply yourself to God's Word

7.   And then, having done that, apply God's Word to your life!

a.   faith, genuine faith produces fruit as surely as a seed, planted in the ground, will burst forth into life

b.   James tells us that faith which does nothing is no faith at all

c.   real faith effects change!

8.   In Daniel 11:32 we find this remarkable statement

“The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits." {again}

a.   of that the Holy Spirit might work this right down into the very core of our being this morning!

b.   the ones who are valiant, the ones who get the work of the Kingdom of God done are not the ones with the PhD's or who are pretty of form or face

c.   these things are not the prerequisites for being used mightily of God

d.   the knowledge of God is the prerequisite!

e.   this word "know" in Daniel 11:32 means an intimate knowledge

1) it's the same word used in Genesis 4 when it says that Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived a son

2) it speaks of an intimacy that produces fruit

f.    if we know God, it will produce lasting fruit, not only in our lives but in the lives of others

9.   Some Christians are like the man who was walking along a narrow path one day, not paying much attention to where he was going

a.   suddenly, he slipped over the edge of a cliff and as he fell, grabbed a root that was growing out into mid-air

b.   suspended there, and realizing he couldn’t hold on for long he called out for help

1) "Help!  Is there anybody there?"

2) "Yes, I'm here" - came a voice

3) "Who is it?" the man asked

4) "God," said the voice

5) "Lord, help me" said the man

6) "Do you trust Me?" asked God

7) "I trust You completely, Lord."

8) "Good, let go of the branch."

9) "What???"

10) "I said, let go of the branch!"

11) After a long pause the man asked, "Is anybody else up there?"


A.  Eternity Versus Tomorrow

1.   Like that man hanging from the side of the cliff - we need to put our lives where our mouths are and trust God

2.   From His vantage point, He sees things we do not

3.   Just 6 inches below that man's feet was a ledge that would take him to safety

4.   We say that we have entrusted our eternity to God, but when it comes right down to it, we find it hard to give Him today

5.   During the terrible days of the Blitz during WWII, a father, holding his small son by the hand, ran from a building that had been struck by a bomb

a.   finding a bomb crater in the yard next to the house, he jumped in and called for his son to follow

b.   being night, the boy cried out, "I can't see you!"

c.   the father, looking up against the sky tinted red by the burning buildings called to the silhouette of his son, "But I can see you. Jump!"

d.   he did, and landed in the trusted arms of his father

e.   faith in God enables us to face life or meet death, not because we can see, but because we have the certainty that we are seen,

f.    not that we know all the answers, but that we are known

B.  Taylor

1.   Hudson Taylor was a modern David

2.   He single-handedly opened up the frontier of inland China to missions

3.   For decades, missionaries had been content to sit on the coastlands of China in their comfortable little houses, doing a comfortable little work

4.   But Taylor had a passion for the lost, so he pressed inland

5.   Everyone told him it was impossible, the risks were too great, the people too resistant

6.   But Taylor knew God's word said that the gospel was to go to the ends of the earth

7.   So go, he went!

8.   Taylor's motto in life was simple

a.   drawn from Mark 11:22 it was - "Have faith in God"

b.   where ever Taylor went, he had these words inscribed above the door

C.  The Valiant

1.   What's the difference between men like David and Hudson Taylor, and you and me?

2.   The only difference is this - they refused to make excuses for trusting God

3.   As David says in v. 12, they had stopped looking to man for help

a.   they had stopped trusting in themselves

b.   and had put their confidence solely in the Lord who had given them great and precious promises

4.   Why can we not do the same - why should we not do the same?

5.   In an age marked by widespread mediocrity, let's take a stand of faith in God and make our lives count for the Kingdom!

6.   Let this be our cry as it was David's


7.   Friends, let's press into all of that for which Christ lived and died and rose again on our behalf!

8.   Lay claim to your heritage as a Child of the Living God!

9.   Jesus said that by our faith in Him, He would build His church, and the very gates of hell would not be able to withstand it

10. Where is it that the Lord has been telling you to take a stand?

a.   at work - at school - in your family?

b.   has the Spirit called you to the mission field?

1) Why aren't you there?

2) Taylor heard the call to China 1 month after his conversion and immediately began making preparations to go

c.   mister - has God been speaking to you about your need to be the spiritual head of your home?

d.   ma'am, has Jesus been calling you to a ministry of intercession?

e.   student - bible club, prayer meeting

f.    at work - lunchtime BS

g.   run for office

11. Hear, and heed the Master's call

12. Be valiant - be strong - be courageous

13. Because you cannot lose - the victory is already yours in Christ!

D.  To The Lost

1.   Let me conclude with a word to those who are not saved

2.   Imagine a family of mice that live in a piano

a.   all their lives they've lived in that piano

b.   one day, the music came to their dark world and filled all the tiny cracks and crevices of the piano with it's melody

c.   the mice were impressed -

d.   they drew comfort from the thought that someone must be making the music, though this person was invisible to them

e.   they loved to think of the great player whom they could not see, but whom they could hear

f.    then one day, a daring mouse climbed up into the sound box and returned very thoughtful

g.   he had found the secret of how the music was made;

1) it was strings of wire, stretched tightly over various lengths

2) these vibrated and made sound

3) they must revise all their old beliefs

4) none but the most traditional could any longer believe in the Unseen Player

h.   later, another explorer mouse carried the explanation further

1) hammers, striking the strings produced the music

2) this was a more complicated explanation

3) and it proved that they lived in a purely mechanical and mathematical world

4) the Unseen Player was thought to be a myth by all but a few

i.    still, all along, the pianist continued to play

3.   Science can tell us the "how" of the universe in which we live, but not the "why"

a.   the mathematician can diagram the harmonic frequencies generated in a Beethoven Symphony

b.   but he cannot explain the wonder and awe it works in the human soul

4.   Friend, you may not see God, but He sees you!

5.   He sees you against the red burning sky of this world, torn apart as it is in the battle between two kingdoms, His and Satan's

6.   He calls you to jump to His waiting arms!

7.   You can not see him - but you hear Him even now calling to you