“The Mission Task” • Romans 10:13-17


A.  Flying

1.   A man encountered a bit of trouble while flying his small airplane

2.   He called the control tower and said, "Pilot to tower, I'm 300 miles from the airport, six hundred feet above the ground, and I'm out of fuel. I am descending rapidly. Please advise.  Over." 

3.   He heard, "Tower to pilot. Repeat after me: ‘Our Father Who art in heaven ...'"

B.  Simple

1.   What does a person have to do to be saved?

2.   This is without a doubt the most important question we face in life

3.   For though we live some 70 to 100 years, when we depart life here, and pass on over to life in the next dimension, and the bible tells us that that realm is eternal

4.   The choice we make now determines where we will spend that eternity

a.   in the glory of heaven

b.   or the agony and torment of hell

5.      Because God loves all with a perfect, complete love, He’s made the offer of salvation simple

a.   He doesn’t want only geniuses who can use their immense intellects to figure out how to untie some kind of Gordian knot

b.   He doesn’t want just Herculeses and Xenas who can by sheer might and physical prowess conquer elaborate traps and overcome obstacles

c.   no, God has made it simple so that a child can understand

d.      He’s made it plain so that the weak and infirm can join Him in eternity


A.  V. 13

{13} For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

1.   As always, we need to set the context for this

2.   In chapter 9, Paul showed how salvation was not an issue of who your parents were

a.   you see, the Jews of that day believed that their physical descent from Abraham ensured that they were saved

b.      they looked with great loathing on the Gentiles whom they considered inferior and unworthy of either God or heaven

c.      Paul knew from experience that just because Jews and Gentiles had become Christians and were both part of the church at Rome,

d.   that id not automatically guarantee that the age old hostility and prejudice between the two would be wiped out

e.   in seeking to heal the rift between the two groups and bring them together as true brothers and sisters in Christ,

f.    he first stripped away the Jewish confidence in their lineage from Abraham

g.   he reminded them all that the basis of salvation is nothing other than the mercy of God

h.   and that God bestows His mercy on whom He pleases, apart from any merit on our part

3.   In v. 13, Paul reminds them that salvation has not been reserved for just one group of people

4.   On the contrary, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

5.   Paul quotes the prophet Joel

a.   he knew there would be those Jews who would claim Paul was teaching heresy when he said Gentiles could be saved

b.   so he dismisses the charge of heresy by showing this was prophesied in the scriptures

6.   What a rich and precious promise this is: , Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved

7.   Who will be saved?  Those who call on the name of the Lord!

8.   Why didn't Paul just say that those who called on the Lord would be saved?

9.   Why is the Name of the Lord important?

10. The Name in the ancient world was more than just a label stuck on a person to differentiate them from others

a.      names were representative of the person

b.      more than mere labels, they were one word summations of who and what the person was

11. When God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and told him to go deliver the Jews from bondage, Moses asked who he should say sent him

12. He wanted to know God's name

13. God said His name was Yahweh =  which means I AM

a.   this speaks of God's eternity and completeness

b.      what's unusual in the name God takes for Himself is that it isn't a noun as we would expect, it is more a verb than a noun

c.   and while the root means "to be"

d.   the form God uses for His name can be rendered as "I BECOME"

e.   this reveals God's sufficiency and provision

f.    in other words, because God is, He becomes all that His people need

1) when they need deliverance, He becomes Deliverer

2) when they need guidance, He becomes Leader

3) when they need food, He becomes provider

4) when they are sick, He becomes healer

5) when they are attacked by enemies, He becomes their Captain and Strength

14. This is why Paul says that whoever calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved

a.   the call is the cry of those who see themselves as lost sinners in need of a Savior

b.   to those who call, He becomes their salvation

15. But Paul's main point of emphasis here is WHOEVER calls will be saved

a.   the "whoever" is stressed and emphatic!

b.   the word means "the whole - every bit - all"

16. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved

17. What must we do to be saved?  Call on the name of the Lord

a.      does it matter where I came from? Whoever Calls . . .

b.      does it matter what my level of education is? All who call . . .

c.      how about my racial or ethnic background? As many as call . . .

d.   but you don’t know who wretchedly I've sinned?  Whoever calls . . .

18. A beggar stopped a lawyer on the street in a large city and asked him for a quarter

a.      taking a long, hard look into the man's unshaven face, the attorney asked, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

b.      "You should," came the reply.  "I'm your former classmate.  Remember, second floor, old Main Hall?" 

c.      "Why Sam, of course I know you!"

d.      without further question the lawyer wrote a check for $1000. 

e.      "Here, take this and get a new start.  I don't care what's happened in the past, it's the future that counts." And with that he hurried on.

f.      tears welled up in the man's eyes as he walked to a bank nearby.

g.      stopping at the door, he saw through the glass well-dressed tellers and the spotlessly clean interior

1) then he looked at his filthy rags.

2) "They won't take this from me. They'll swear that I forged it," he muttered as he turned away.

h.   the next day the two men met again.

i.      "Why Sam, what did you do with my check?  Gamble it away?  Drink it up?" 

j.      "No," said Sam as he pulled it out of his dirty shirt pocket and told why he hadn't cashed it. 

k.      "Listen, friend," said the lawyer.  "What makes that check good is not your clothes or appearance, but my signature.  Go on, cash it!"

l.    the Bible says, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." 

m.  that promise is a "negotiable note" of infinite value. 

n.   and as sinners, all we need to do is "exchange" it by faith for eternal life. 

o.      don't let the "tattered clothes" of your past keep you from cashing God's "check" of salvation

19. Who are the saved?

a.   not the Baptists, or the Lutherans, or the Presbyterians

b.   not the Calvinists nor the Arminianists

c.      neither is it the Calvaryists

d.   the saved are those who call on the name of the Lord

20. Now, sad to say, some people don’t like to ask for help

a.   I hear that some of you ladies would sooner give birth to triplets than ask advice from your mother in law

b.   but when it comes to asking for help, probably no one is more reluctant than men in asking directions

c.   we want to do it ourselves—we see asking someone to show us the way a blow to our manhood

1) I am here and I want to go there

2) it’s a jungle out there, but I’m a trailblazer and I’ll make a path

3) maps?  Who needs them!

4) I just follow my good common sense and my astute powers of observation

5) we’ll get there—eventually

6) but the important thing is, we will have gotten there WITHOUT HELP!

21. What’s sad is when we carry that over into our eternal destination

22. No one can make it on their own—they need help

23. And it is only real men and women who admit their weakness and call out to Christ for help

24.      Proverbs say, There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end of it is death.

25. God has given us the roadmap to heaven—Bible

26. The door is Jesus—call on Him, or you will remain lost, forever!

B.  Vs. 14-15

{14} How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

{15} And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!”

1.   Paul challenges those of us who believe with a sobering set of questions

2.   If calling on the Lord is the way to be saved, then what does one need in order to call on Him?

3.   Well, first of all before I can call, I have to be convinced that Jesus is able to help me

a.   I have to come to see that I am lost and in need of a Savior

b.   and then I have to believe that Jesus is the Savior I need

4.   But how can I believe Jesus is the Savior I need unless someone tells me about Him

5.   And how can someone tell me about Him unless someone purposes to tell me

6.   What Paul is driving at here is that we need to be purposeful in our commitment to preach the gospel!

7.   When I say “preach” don’t picture someone with a red face yelling at the top of their lungs and pounding a pulpit

8.   The preaching Paul means is simply proclaiming the truths that comprise the gospel

9.   When we read this, we usually see it as a passage which lays down the framework for traditional Missionary work

10. But when Paul asks, How shall they preach unless they are sent?”  he doesn’t mean sent as in some missionary organization sending some couple overseas for 20 years

11. The sending isn’t done by some organization, it’s the sending by the Holy Spirit

12. And this is something every believer is called to—we are all sent

13. In Matthew 28:19-20 we read Jesus' last words to the disciples

 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

a.   we are under orders to GO with the gospel

b.   we are to go everywhere

c.      there is no such thing as a closed border when God says "GO"

d.   D. James Kennedy, the author of Evangelism Explosion states that 95% of all church members have never led anyone to Christ


14. I went to a Keith Green concert in San Jose many moons ago, and Keith was really hammering the need for people to consider the mission field

a.   he said something pretty provocative

b.   he said, we usually think of missions as being something you have to be specially called to

c.   but really, it's the opposite of that

d.      according to Matthew 28, we are all called to missions and you have to be specially called to NOT go

15. Now, let me hurry on to say that we need to expand our definition of missions

a.   our mission is to go with the gospel--

b.      where ever the Lord leads us

c.   we are all missionaries, the only question is where we are called to go

d.      where is your field?

1) GTE, Circle K, Costco, B & G Electric?

2) Buena, Oxnard, Rio Mesa, VCCHS?

3) Westmont, UCSB, Moorpark?

4) Pt. Mugu, Port Hueneme?

5) Lemonwood, The Keys, Mission Hills, Colonia, The Strand?

6) your husband, your wife, children, parents?

e.      where is your field?

f.    are you asking Him?

g.   or are you afraid to?

1) afraid He might send you to,

2) "Zaire" when you're leery of going to the zoo!

16.      YOUNG PEOPLE: Specifically, Teens and College Students

a.      God often calls people to a cross-cultural or foreign field when they are still young

b.      they are just beginning to make the decisions which will direct the course of the rest of their lives

c.   and God's Spirit will begin to move them in the direction of foreign work

d.   I want to strongly encourage you solid teens to be open to the Lord's direction as you seek Him where he wants you to go with the gospel

17. Again, we are all missionaries, the only question is where we are called to serve

18. Paul quotes Isa 52:7 in v. 15

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!”

a.   in Isaiah, the prophet is speaking of the heralds that came to the Jews in exile in Babylon to tell them the days of restoration to the land of promise were coming

b.      Paul quotes it here and expands it to include the heralds who bring the good news that God will restore man to the place of promise

19. Beauty is a big issue for most people

a.      trillions of dollars are spent each year by people trying to make themselves beautiful

b.      cosmetics, clothes, surgery, exercise programs, houses, cars

20. There's something deep in man's heart that is attracted to beauty

21. But when we think of beauty we think of face or form--we rarely think of feet

22. In fact, it seems that our feet are the least likely candidates for the bestowal of beauty

23. What do people do to beautify their feet? Pedicure is about it!

a.      there are no foot salons,

b.   no foot spas

c.   no foot beautification programs

d.      never heard of an article in Vogue or Elle about how to take those unneeded inches off your foot

e.      usually, we shove our foot in a sock or stocking and then stick it in a shoe

24. But from God's perspective, the feet of those who carry the good news are beautiful

25. Truly His priorities are very different from ours

26. Paul's point in this is that we must be purposeful in our going with the gospel to the lost

a.   and this is something that we at Calvary Oxnard need to take to heart

b.      quite frankly, our missions involvement has been pretty weak, and I take full responsibility for that

c.   I have not stressed the importance or priority of missions as I should

d.   the consequences are clear:  We are having little impact world wide

e.   and if we are honest to the command of Christ, we need to see that we should be having a greater effect in the cause of taking the gospel to the lost of the world

f.    this is a need that we want to address immediately

g.   to that end, we have started a new group under the leadership of John Still who has graciously consented to become our Missions Director

h.   if you are interested in being a part of this important ministry, talk to John and sign up on the interest sheet in the fellowship hall

26. Before we move on to the next verse, I want to share a poem I found this week that is very heavy

A friend to me you were indeed --

A friend who helped me when in need.

My faith in you was strong and sure

We had such trust as should endure,

No spats between us ever rose

Our friends alike, also our foes.

What sadness, then, my friend, to find

That after all, you weren't so kind.

The day my life on earth did end

I found you weren't a faithful friend...

For all those years we spent on earth,

You never talked of Second Birth,

You never spoke of my lost soul

And of the Christ Who'd make me whole.

I plead today from hell's cruel fire

And tell you now my last desire,

You cannot do a thing for me,

No words today my bonds will free.

But do not err, my friend, again,

Do all you can for souls of men,

Plead with them now quite earnestly

Lest they be cast in hell with me.

C.  Vs. 16-17

{16} But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed our report?”

{17} So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

1.   Paul again quotes Isaiah; this time his prophecy of Israel's rejection of the gospel

2.   Just because the gospel is preached does not mean it will be received

3.   hearing does not necessarily guarantee faith

4.   But faith is impossible without hearing the word of God

5.      Therefore, we must be bold and consistent in proclaiming the good news of Christ and trust God to apply it to those who hear

D.  Faith Comes By Hearing The Word Of God

1.   In Hebrews 11 we read that without faith it is impossible to please God

2.   Here is Romans we read that Faith comes by hearing the word of God

3.   That is why we will always have the teaching and ministry of the Bible as our program at Calvary Chapel

a.      faith comes by hearing

b.   the Christian life is a life of faith

c.   and faith is only fed and nurtured by the Word of God

d.      when you find a weak and struggling Christian,

e.   it's inevitable you also find a person who is not getting a consistent diet of the word

4.   How about you?

a.   are you hearing the Word of God?

b.   are you studying it?

c.   are you reading it? Regularly, DAILY?

5.   I am so thankful that my pastors: Emory Campbell and Chuck Smith were wholly devoted to the Word of God and not this or that latest fad to blow through the church

6.   There are endless trends in ministry that promise dramatic growth and renewed interest from the people

7.   These things blow in, and then blow out

8.   But they only fruit the leave behind is bitter

a.   in recent years we've seen the fad of signs and wonders

b.      then there was leg lengthening

c.      then the wind of deliverance blew through

d.      shepherding was a breeze that stirred many

e.      another doctrine that enjoyed a moment of excitement was personal prophecy

f.      most recently we saw holy laughter which quickly turned into holy animal noises

g.   and now we are experiencing the wind of spiritual drunkenness

1) people lose all self control and lie on the floor for hours

2) they shake uncontrollably

3) they scream and cry out and make all sorts of wild gyrations

4) and it is all done under the banner of the Holy Spirit

5) but at least it is nothing more than clever crowd psychological manipulation

6) and at worst it is demonic

9.   I have thought long and hard about what is going on in Toronto and Brownsville, Florida

10. And I can say that I see no evidence of a true movement of God there

a.   I say that because in every real revival in history,

b.   one of the main abiding effects was a renewal of the emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God

c.   yet the Bible has been actually been de-emphasized in these pseudo-revivals we hear about today

d.   in fact, the leaders of the current movement have criticized those who look for support for what is going on from the Scripture

e.   that hardly seems consistent with the God who said that He honored His word above His very Name! [Psalm 138:2]

f.    it's clear something spiritual is going on there

g.   but it is not Holy Spirit birthed revival

h.      because it has had no impact beyond the walls of the churches where it is happening!

i.    true revival effects the people because it makes them fall more in love with God

1) and being more in love with God,

2) they want to invest themselves in His word

3) this builds their faith

4) and faith leads to change

5) that change effects lives

6) and those lives move out beyond the walls of their churches and move into their city

7) Toronto hasn't been changed one whit

8) nor has Brownsville

j.    but let me tell you about what happened in what is Called the Second Great Awakening

1) focus of the revival was from 1857 to 59

2) but the effects of the revival lasted 40 years!

3) began with a small prayer meeting started by a businessman named Jeremiah Lamphere

4) there are some timely and important things we can learn from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and so I will be speaking about it next week

5) but today, let me just share this . . .

6) Lamphere wrote a small tract on the importance of prayer and on the back announced that there would be a lunchtime prayer meeting in downtown New York in a small room of the Dutch Reformed church

7) the first day, it was only Lamphere who showed up till just 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the prayer time

8) when that first meeting ended, 6 businessmen had shown up for prayer

9) the next day their number tripled

10) then than number doubled, and soon, they had to move the meeting to the main hall of the church

11) but more and more began to turn out for prayer - almost all businessmen

12) only a handful of women, because back then, few women in business

13) other churches were opened

14) Horace Greeley was the editor of a New York newspaper

a) he heard that thousands of businessmen were meeting each day for prayer

b) so he sent a reporter with horse and buggy around the city to count the number of men

c) in one hour, he visited 12 churches, and they were all full of praying men

d) he counted 6,110 men

15) the movement turned into a landslide

16) when the churches were full, they took over the theaters and public halls

17) in one of the theaters that was filled with 5000 people each day, a minister stood up and announced that he had been there till 3 PM the previous day counseling men who wanted to receive Christ as Lord and Savior

18) he asked for help from other clergy men and announced that his church would be open every night for the preaching of the gospel so that the lost might find salvation

19) many other churches also opened in the evenings, and they were all filled with people seeking salvation

a) in evangelism, the saved seek the lost with the gospel

b) but in true revival, the lost seek the saved so they may hear the gospel!

20) this revival spread into the New England states, the South, and all the way to California

21) so deep was it that in many large cities, special signs were printed which businesses put in their windows at lunch time which read, "Closed for Prayer"

22) now, as I mentioned, I will be speaking on this mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit next week since I think there are many important insights it has for us today

iii.     COnclusion

A.  Want Revival?

1.   Do you want revival - like that?

2.   I think we do

3.   Then let's follow the means God has given

4.   Let's take the gospel to the lost and see them saved

5.   And then let's take the saved to the Word and see their faith made strong

6.   And all the while, let us plead with God to send us the fullness of His Spirit to set our hearts ablaze for Him

B.  We Might Be Seeing It

1.   As I look at what God is doing here at Calvary Chapel

2.   The way He is changing so many loves and bringing people to a deeper love and appreciation for His word

3.   I think, I hope we are seeing the foundation laid for a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit